The Social Dog

Conscious Care for Social Dogs

Located in the centre of Langley, BC, The Social Dog Daycare is not your average daycare. Providing daycare with the absolute best dog welfare is at the front of mind here. We look out for all of the dogs on an ongoing basis to ensure everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. It’s not about simply giving your dog a place to go during the day, but giving your dog a place they LOVE to go. We’re very selective about the dogs that attend, so all new dogs are evaluated for suitability before being approved for ongoing attendance; this is to ensure not only safety for everyone, but a truly positive experience. 


Drop Off Between 8am and 10am

Pick Up Between 3:00pm and 5:30pm

All appointments must be booked in advance. No drop ins.

Benefits of The Social Dog

Dog-to-Human Ratio

With one of the lowest dog-to-human ratios in the industry you can rest assured that your dog is getting plenty of one on one attention and that play groups are properly supervised.

Indoor Facility

Except for potty breaks, your dog will be inside during their day here. Perfect for the dogs that don’t love extreme weather and the humans that don’t love muddy dogs.

Rounded Experience

Dogs that play non-stop all day can sometimes develop behaviour problems at daycare or at home. There’s lots of time to play here, but dogs also get scheduled breaks for rest and potty walks.

Qualified Attendants

You can rest assured that your dog is in good hands here. Daycare attendants* are educated in canine body language, play dynamics, and pet first aid.

* Currently all dogs are monitored by a certified professional dog trainer!

All New Dogs Start with an Assessment Visit.

Are you new to The Social Dog? An assessment visit allows us to ensure your dog is a good fit here. We want to ensure all dogs that visit are safe, happy, and healthy, so we assess all dogs for suitability.