Assessment Visits

for new clients and long lost friends

Be Safe. Be Happy.

We take the welfare of all our dogs very seriously, so we assess every dog before they can start regularly attending daycare. We want to ensure that not only every dog is safe and social with both our human facilitators and dog friends, but to also ensure that your dog will be happy here. An assessment visit is required for dogs that are new to The Social Dog Daycare, but we also require an assessment for dogs that have not attended daycare in more than 30 days. A lot can change in a month and we don’t take any chances that any of our attendees could be unhappy or at risk when we introduce or reintroduce different dogs to our groups.


Attendance Requirements

All dogs must meet the following requirements before booking an assessment visit:

  • Up to date on vaccinations. We require DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies.
  • Currently on flea preventative.
  • Friendly toward strangers.
  • Friendly toward other dogs.
  • Able to share toys.
  • Comfortable in a wire crate.
  • Spayed/Neutered if over 12 months old

What Are We Assessing?

Separation & Containment

We want to ensure all dogs here are relaxed without their humans around and comfortable being contained in a crate.

Acceptance of Strangers

All of our dog friends must readily accept our human facilitators touching and handling them so we can safely manage all dogs. 

Dog-to-Dog Sociability

It’s important that your dog is truly happy being around a variety of other dog friends, not just tolerating it.

Overall Behaviour

We try to get a taste of your dog’s overall temperament and personality while they are here with us. 

What to expect for your dog’s assessment

All assessments are done in the mornings when all of the dogs are fresh and ready for the day. You will drop your dog off at 8:45am and we’ll discuss what your dog’s morning will look like. After we bring your dog inside you’ll stick around in the parking lot for about 5 minutes before we give you the okay to leave. This is to ensure that your dog does not have separation anxiety that will interfere with them enjoying their time at The Social Dog Daycare.

Your dog will be placed into a separated area where they can interact with our approved Dog Friends from the opposite side of a barrier. We’ll make sure they are responsive to our facilitators and showing interest in the other dogs. If so, we move onto a brief introduction to one or two dogs individually (1-on-1 interactions) before integrating them into the full group.

When it’s time for the morning break your dog will have the opportunity to go for a potty walk and then be crated for the morning rest time before you pick them up at 11:45am.

The crating period is the toughest part of the assessment for most dogs. If your dog is unable to be crated in the middle of the day at home, know that they will be unlikely to be successfully crated in the middle of the day here. We do not accept dogs that show any stress or anxiety in the crate. Dogs that excessively vocalize when crated or cannot settle (pawing at the crate door, excessive panting and/or pacing) will not be invited back.

Upon pick up you’ll get a debrief of how your dog did, an assessment report card, and — we hope — an invitation to return as one of The Social Dog Daycare’s Dog Friends.

Assessment Visits are charged at our single day daycare rate of $38, however, if you are a new client you will receive a coupon code for $20 off your first full day visit if your dog is invited back.


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