Daycare Routine

a structured day for well mannered dogs

Free Play

Your dog will get plenty of time to run around and play while they are here. Each two hour play session includes the opportunity to play with dog friends and/or toys, get some love from our human facilitators, and just relax. We take size, temperament, and playstyles into account when grouping dogs.

There are three free play sessions each day at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm.

Rest Time

We know that it’s important for our dog friends to take breaks throughout the day. Energetics dogs that don’t get breaks can become hyperactive not just here, but at home too, while our more relaxed dogs tend to appreciate a little bit of time to themselves.

There are two rest periods each day at 11am and 2pm.

Potty Walks

Your dog will get short walks to encourage good house training routines. During each rest period each dog will be taken out for a one-on-one walk to do their business or in a pair with another well matched dog.

We highly recommend that your dog is given the opportunity to toilet outside before you drop them off in the morning.

In case your dog does need to relieve themselves during the day we do have an indoor potty area just in case, but their housetraining is best maintained by ensuring they go outdoors.

Ready to Book a Visit?

New Dog Friends

If your dog has never visited us before or if its been over 30 days since their last visit then you’ll need to book an Assessment Visit to get started!

Approved Dog Friends

If your dog has had an assessment and has been invited back as an approved dog friend then you may book a full daycare day or purchase a package.